Video Production

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Passport Multimedia will take your 4K UHD video sources and combine them into a Final Cut Pro X masterpiece!

Videos include voice overs (using your script) and Blue™ Studio Microphone for professionally recorded audio every time.

Revolutionary video editing built for the future of video post, Final Cut Pro transforms the timeline to break free from the constraints of traditional track-based editing. A beautiful and dynamic editing interface lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision.

It takes more than just the leading video editing software to make a professional production that stands out.

Professional Voice Over

Passport Multimedia incorporates 100% 4K UHD video from several different sources. Amazing aerial video is combined with our best stabilized video from the ground. Using only the latest technology from DJI, the Ronin Video Stabilizer allows us to get those perfect cinema quality scenes.

Using a 360 degree camera Passport Multimedia can create a simple two minute looped video in 4K to feature in Virtual Reality. You can upload this video to Youtube or Facebook to share with your clients. Using an inexpensive headset, your customers can emerge into a virtual environment and experience your project in the comfort of their own home.

Our Process

  • Professional Video Production With Final Cut Pro X
  • 100% 4K UHD Video Sources
  • Stabilized Video Shot With DJI Ronin
  • Voice Over Using Your Script - Blue™ Studio Mic
  • Content Delivered To Your Dropbox

Example Video