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Monitor construction sites as they evolve, using georeferenced orthophotos and 3D data from our software. View the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, making earthwork management and detailed virtual inspections more efficient.

Create weekly drone maps of your site to track progress and instantly share data between team members across desktop and mobile devices. Bring design plans to life and make smarter quality assurance decisions by combining building information models with high-resolution point clouds of actual site conditions.

Survey earthworks quickly, easily, and accurately. Produce maps and 3D digital surface models for volumetric measurements, terrain modeling, and more. Using non-invasive data capture, get more complete surveys of stockpiles and earthworks via aerial survey. Drone imagery gives comprehensive coverage of intricate areas for precise measurements.

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Analyze as-built site data, using easily updated orthophotos or 3D models created from images. Conduct measurements, compare the current build with design drawings, then share results. Get Painlessly repeatable data collection with no site intervention that is shareable, and can be easily analyzed. Show your clients their project under construction without the need to be there.

Our Process

  • BIM: Monitor as-built site status to stay on task with BIM scheduling.
  • Earthworks: Volumetric analysis, stockpile measurements, and contour data.
  • Inspection: Photogrammetry for safe and efficient post-flight inspection.
  • Create Scale 3D Project Models